Can I cut polycarbonate sheets?

Yes, with thicknesses up to 10mm you can cut polycarbonate sheets with a fine-tooth blade whether that be with saber saw, table saw or circular saw (you can also use a utility knife or scissors if you're only cutting a small amount). With thicknesses above 10mm I'd suggest only using the electric saws previously mentioned rather than the manual methods.

How strong are mutiwall and twinwall polycarbonate sheets?

Our polycarbonate sheets have an impact resistance 250 times that of glass and is exceedingly better than other plastic sheets available such as acrylic.

What can polycarbonate sheets be used for?

Our range of polycarbonate sheeting can be used for a number structures and are perfect for any outside projects such as greenhouses, carports, patios or pergolas due to their tough weather resistance and outstanding UV protection.

Where can you deliver to?

We can deliver directly to your front door all over the UK, except Northern Ireland.