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Polycarbonate Multiwall Roofing Sheet Suppliers

We’re a leading national distributor for polycarbonate sheets and accessories in the East Midlands, supplying multiwall polycarbonate roofing sheets that can be custom size and used for different purposes. Whether it’s for your shed, your roof or conservatory, we cut our polycarbonate plastic roof sheets to custom size for the purposes of your project.

The polycarbonate sheets we supply are multiwall plastic sheets, ideal to replace the roof of your conservatory or build a canopy that would effectively provide covering above your doorstep, carport and patio. Our roofing sheets and associated polycarbonate products and accessories are made out of solid, top-of-the-range plastic materials and we can supply them in custom size according to your needs. For more information, explore our selection of different types and sizes here.

We Welcome Tradesmen, Contractors & DIY Hobbyists!

Based in Leicester, East Midlands, we welcome tradesmen, contractors but also DIY hobbyists who want to make a change in their home and need multiwall polycarbonate plastic sheets for the roof of their conservatory, their new canopy or shed.

Besides our trade counter in Leicester, East Midlands, we have now launched our new online shop, offering the opportunity to professionals and DIY lovers from all over the UK to explore our wide range of polycarbonate products and accessories. Besides the multiwall polycarbonate roofing sheets we also supply accessories and products such as self-supported and rafter-supported roof glazing bars, sunwood and corrugated roofing sheets, perfect for sheds, conservatories and canopies. Check out our corrugated range here.

Check out our high-performance canopy system and get inspired for your next project!

We Are Central Polycarbonates

Many of our products include easy-to-follow instructions for amateurs to assemble: we supply you with custom-made, multiwall polycarbonate roofing sheets, so you won’t have to do the hard labour of cutting them yourself, letting you enjoy the assembly process. As for the professionals and tradesmen, we supply our roofing sheets in custom size, allowing you to focus on the other challenging tasks of your work, making the assembly job easier.

Over the years, we have offered our services to many happy customers all over the UK, both tradesmen and hobbyists, either via our trade counter in Leicester, East Midlands, or our online shop on our website. We are known for our professional, transparent services, quick turnaround and flexibility with working according to our clients’ requirements.

If you have any enquiries regarding the solid polycarbonate plastic roofing sheets we supply, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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